Retreat Bag Class - Friday October 26th - Weeknight

Fabric Crush

FREE Pattern! - Comes with directions for 2 Sizes

The Retreat Bag is a simple zippered pouch with a wide base and a wide structured opening. There is a casing in the top where you insert two wire frames (one on each side), which helps it stay open when open, and helps turn the corners down when closed. It has two optional slip pockets inside and a long zipper that helps it open wide.

The key to having a nicely shaped Retreat Bag is interfacing, interfacing and interfacing. One layer of interfacing and then a layer of fusible Thermolam Plus fleece on the exterior, in addition to interfacing on the lining and you are all set. Even with the interfacing, it makes up really quickly. You could try it with other soft stabilizers as well, and if you chose to, you could even leave out the frames and let it stand up proud. (But I think the frames really make it!)

Instructor - Maureen

Skill level — beginner (knows how to use machine)

When — Friday October 26th, 6:00 pm - 9:30 pm

Where - 3290 Shea Rd Richmond, Ontario

Supplies (students save 10% on fabric purchase)

About instructor - Maureen is a retired programmer / project manager from the federal government with a grown twin daughter and son. Taught by many great teachers; including her mother, grandmother and some specific formal training over the years; sewing and needle crafts have always been part of her life as long as she can remember. From making things for herself, her children, sister's wedding dress, pyjamas, coats, costumes, day to day clothing, curtains and some home decor, etc. Later in 2011, she took up and quickly became addicted to quilting. She loves to empower others by sharing the love of sewing, techniques and bringing out strengths in others.

Instructor will be in contact closer to date.

***We ask that you bring your own machine and make sure it is in working order. Please note if you do not have a machine that is ok but please make note when checking out so we can reserve one for you.***

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