Fabric Crushers Catch up Sew - December 16th Evening

Fabric Crush


 What is a Fabric Crushers catch up sew you ask!? Its an evening for you to come and use the studio space. A time to escape from your home and sew without people at your feet asking for your attention. At least 1 teacher will be in the studio to help you where needed. We will be available to answer some questions as were able to help but we are not here to teach you specific things or walk you through a whole pattern it is more a free space for you to sew what you please while socializing with other like-minded people.

Sewing Machine rental: Available free of charge, just leave a comment in the notes section. 

Skill level — all levels welcome 

When — Nonday December 16th 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm (you're welcome to come for the whole time or only part of the time) 

Where - 3290 Shea Rd Richmond, Ontario

***We ask that you bring your own machine and make sure it is in working order. Please note if you do not have a machine that is ok but please make note when checking out so we can reserve one for you.***

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