Emmaline - #5 Zipper Pull - 10 Pack Silver


These 10 packs of metal zipper pulls are made specifically to fit our Zipper-By-The-Yard.  You can put zipper pulls on from either direction to make double-pull zippers.

  • Non-locking, dangle style pull.
  • Shiny metal finish.
  • 2 way pulls, so you can add pulls from either direction.
  • Zipper-by-the-Yard SOLD SEPARATELY

Don`t forget you need to purchase the zipper by the yard to go with this product. 

  • Add all pulls at once and have them on the tape ready to go, or cut zipper lengths individually and add the pulls as you need them. 
  • Open up 1 end of the zipper a few inches, it doesn't matter which end, it's a two-way zipper!
  • Hold a zipper pull in one hand, with the rounded side down, and slide one side of the zipper tape up into opening of the slider until it just catches inside. Grip this side of the tape and the slider now with 1 hand, holding them firmly together. 
  • Slide the other side of the tape up, and into the slider. Firmly pull down the zipper pull. 

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