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Looking for inspiration?

Take a peek at all of the amazing sewing projects that have been created by our awesome customers with Fabric Crush fabric.

Want to share your Fabric Crush sewing project? Send us snapshots of your project, each month we will select 3 winners to be featured in our Crushers Chronicle newsletter. Winner will also get a 15$ gift card!

April Creations


         Submitted by: Fran Ingram  Submitted by: Fran Ingram  Sarah Massad  Jessica Kingsbury  Christine Burnel  Christine Burnel  Christine Burnel  Nicole Leblanc  Jessica Kingsbury  Jessica Kingsbury  Sarah Galbreith  Kathy Miner  francine boily  kate miner  Crystal Tunnoch  Karen Sauve  Karen Sauve  Karen Sauve  Ashley Rivington  Karen Gilmore  Patty Barthe  Patty Barthe  Patty Barthe  Patty Barthe  Christine Peachey  Krista Baggs  Stephanie Plant  Roxann Bound  Sue Miljour