Fashion Grommets Kit 1/2" Black With Tool

Fabric Crush


Dritz® fashion grommets are DIY hardware components that are added to garments, accessories, and other sewing projects to add a decorative detail, or to create a functional opening for lacing or straps.

Fashion grommets feature a smooth, rubberized texture and feel, allowing sewers to achieve a professional finish on handmade items. They are commonly used on bags, totes and purses; tops and blouses; belts; dresses; and jackets.


  • The clear insert provides extra stability and support, eliminating the need to reinforce area with interfacing
  • The center of the grommet will roll over to secure both the insert and the washer, providing a smooth finish
  • A hand tool (packaged separately) is required to apply these grommets; use Dritz® fashion grommet tool (item: DZ740-T), or a tool from one of the Dritz® fashion grommet kits (item: DZ740-1-T or item:DZ740-9-T)
  • Rustproof 

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